Winter Care

With colder and potentially freezing temperatures just around the corner, you might start worrying about your plant babies. As these concerns are very common especially for new plant parents I thought I would share my experience and knowledge on how to get through the winter with your plants. Most plants will have decreased amounts of growth during the next few months, so they won’t need as much care, but they will still need looking after. 

  • Decrease Watering – Your plant will not need as much water as during the growing season. The most common reason for plants not surviving the winter is overwatering. As there are fewer sun rays the water will evaporate less quickly and it may cause root rot. I personally prefer watering my plants from below, usually putting them in a bowl or basin filled with water for 20-30 minutes.
  • Increase light exposure – The strength and amount of sunlight is less during winter. Plants that are placed in a bright spot will most likely be fine with the natural decrease in light as the plant needs less light during these months. Plants that are kept in more shaded areas of the house might need some additional light during winter months. You can either find a brighter spot to place these plants, use mirrors or add some artificial growing lights. When placing plants nearer a window, make sure to not let any of the leaves touch the window as this could cause cold damage to the plant. The growing lights I use are E27 plant bulbs from B&Q. I move these around the darkest corners of the house and have them on for 4-6 hours a day.
  • Increase the temperature – Most plants will be happiest when the temperature is steady. Using the heating at set times can help to create a healthy continuous cycle of temperature for the plants. Keep in mind that using the heating frequently will lower the humidity and most plants love humid environments. 
  • Increase humidity – If any of your plants get leaves with dry crispy edges, chances are that the humidity levels are too low. You can buy a humidifier to use for a couple of hours a day or try some old-fashioned tricks. Placing small bowls of water on the heaters can help increase humidity levels. 

Keeping your plants happy during winter is not rocket science. It might take some getting used to, especially if you purchased and got to know your green friend during the growing season. Remember that most plants will be much happier with a little neglect than with being overwatered or cared for too much. If you have any questions, please get in touch. (

Less is more.