Seb’s Urban Slumber – Bedroom Jungles Mean Better Sleeps

It’s National Bed Month here in the UK, so we take a look at how adding a few plants to your boudoir can lead to a better night’s sleep

March is a busy old month on the world-event calendar, home to both Women’s History Month and National Bed Month. It goes without saying that Seb’s Urban Jungle raises a watering can to all the amazing ladies out there, but in today’s blog, we’d like to focus on sleepy time.   

While the amount of shut-eye humans need varies depending on loads of factors, most adults hope for a solid 7-9 hours a night. Although, we sure know a few people who can hit an impressive 10-12 and above – you know who you are, friends. That means, on average, we spend almost a whopping third of our lives dozing, so it’s no wonder the Sleep Council created National Sleep Month to promote the importance of a comfy bed in getting good night’s kip – word!

But to secure that all-important 7-9 hours (or longer), tired souls need more than just a cosy spot to lay down their weary head. A combo of routine, pleasant environment, and minimized light & sound also helps big time – and so do plants. Experts have long known that our green buddies are great for both physical and mental health in a range of ways, and a handful of recent studies found they can lead to bigger Zeds too.    

One study even looked at the benefits of greenery to the poor mortals living in isolated environments, such as astronauts or deep-sea explorers. The researchers found that caring for houseplants, on top of interacting with them right before hitting the hay, can improve the quality of slumber. I think we can all agree this could prove mighty useful not only to the Aldrins and Cousteaus of the world but also to anyone still trapped in lockdown – at the moment, sooo many people sadly aren’t getting their full forty winks.    

For optimal results, we’d recommend keeping plants in your bedroom, especially close to where all that napping action goes on, plus elsewhere in the home. Be sure to interact with them on a regular basis too. Clean up debris, admire them, stroke their leaves, take in their scent, give them a drink – that sort of thing. And there’s zero shame in having a little natter with your leafy housemates over a cuppa. We all do it…right?


Just please don’t feed your plants tea or coffee – terrible idea!

A lot of different plants can help boost your snoozles, but those with green leaves and colourful flowers are probably the best way to go. Oh, and if they’re a treat on the nose as well as the eyes, even better!

We stock plenty of plants that’ll work as the ideal sleep aid, so if you’re in the market for a top kip, have a browse and pop a few in your basket. We’ve also got a nice selection of cool planters and other accessories to complement your picks – our I WILL SURVIVE mini-pot would be an especially apt buy right now. And to give your boudoir and rest the ongoing attention they really deserve, why not sign up for our monthly subscription? With this, you’ll receive at least one beautiful houseplant each month, alongside a perfectly fitting pot or basket. Happy days!

That’s it for today – if we ramble any longer, we’ll put you to sleep without the need for houseplants at all. Wishing everyone a pleasant trip to Bedfordshire tonight.

Words by Steven Allison