Terrarium Mix


Originally designed and developed for the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (hence ABG), this has been the go-to mix for terrarium enthusiasts for years.

The ABG mix is based on the original Atlanta Botanical Gardens substrate recipe. It is fern fibre based and designed for long life span. ABG is designed for long term use in humid vivarium because of the following qualities:

Fast draining – it’s a porous airy mix that doesn’t get bogged down.

Moist but not boggy – the components, whilst fast-draining, do retain moisture well to prevent root dry out.

Nutrient retention – whilst the mix itself isn’t nutrient heavy, the components hold onto nutrients well, ensuring a good growing cycle.

Minimal compaction – due to fibrous components, it’s very resistant to compaction over time.

Long lasting – ABG can be used for a number of years before needing to be replaced.

This Terrarium Potting Mix is made by Grow Tropicals.

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