Syngonium Red Arrow


The Arrowhead Plant/Vine (Syngonium) gets its common name from the arrow-shaped leaves that it has when it’s young, growing in to a beautiful vine with age. Syngonium come in a variety of colours, shapes and textures – this being the Syngonium ‘Red Arrow’.

Water- This plant requires a well-draining potting mix and to be watered thoroughly when top couple of inches of soil has dried out. This is usually every 2 weeks but can vary depending on weather and room humidity. Keep the soil moist during the growing period (Spring/Summer).

Light- Syngonium like lots of bright, indirect sunlight. The brighter the light, the more vibrant the leaves but avoid direct light as its leaves can burn!

Pot size:  12 cm

Height: approx. 25 cm

This plant can be toxic if ingested.

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