Plant Care Workshop @ Festival City Market


This Summer, we are hosting a huge pop up event ‘Festival City Market’ in Waverley Market, right in the city centre. This will launch at the end of July, lasting through the month of August for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Each Friday at 2pm we will be running a Plant Care/Repotting Workshop! The workshop will last for 1.5-2 hours.

What you’ll learn:

General Plant Care – All our best tips for watering, light requirements, humidity, pruning, feeding etc.

Propagation – Learn how to propagate your favourite plants! All about cuttings, division, rooting and grafting.

Pests – A guide to tackling common houseplant pests.

Repotting – All you need to know about repotting. Have a go at repotting one of our little plants (that you get to keep!).

You’ll go home with your repotted plant and some repotting supplies in your Goody Bag!

Also included in your visit:

Goody Bag worth over £10, 1 Drink and FREE ENTRY to our Plant Swap event after the workshop.

There are limited spaces for each day so please book in advance. We look forward to meeting you all and sharing our passion and knowledge for plants!

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