Hypoestes Pink


Hypoestes Pink or ‘The polka dot plant’ as its better know, is a lively and beautiful little plant with brightly spotted leaves that stand out especially well against other plants. Put them in a mass of ferns or ivies, and their colors will stand out in bright contrast.

Light – Bright, indirect light is ideal indoors, such as from an east- or south-facing window.

Water – These plants like a moderate amount of moisture in the soil at all times. Avoid letting the soil completely dry out, which can cause the foliage to wilt and make the plant struggle to survive. Never let the soil become soggy, which can cause root rot and kill the plant. Water the plant when the top half-inch of soil has dried out.

Pot Size: 8.5 cm

Height: Approx. 10 cm

This Plant is Pet friendly.

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