Hoya Linearis


Create a curtain of plants, starting with the beautiful Hoya Linearis.

Hoya plants are often nicknamed Wax Plants or Porcelain Flowers, due to their almost plastic/waxy-looking flowers and often leaves. They have semi-succulent, think green leaves varying in size, shape and variegation.

The thicker the leaves, the more succulent-like the Hoya is and will need watered less. Thinner leaved Hoyas need a little more attention.

The genus Hoya was named by Scottish botanist, Robert Brown, after his friend and fellow botanist, Thomas Hoy!

Water- This little plant is very low maintenance. Let soil dry completely before deeply watering, avoiding getting water on the leaves.

Light- This plant likes bright, indirect light and can sometimes tolerate lower levels of light. On super sunny days, move your plant a couple of feet back from bright windows as the leaves can burn.

Diameter: 12 cm

Length: approx. 35 cm

This plant can be toxic if ingested.

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