Chlorophytum Comosum


Chlorophytum Comosum, commonly known as the Spider Plant, is made up of a rosette of long, arched foliage with green and white variegation. The dangly leaves and the pups (baby spider plats) it produces look like little spiders, hence the nickname. They’re super easy to care for and look great hanging or standing.

Gift your spider pups to your friends to share the plant love!

Water– This plant requires a well-draining potting mix and loves frequent watering over the growing season (late Spring-early Autumn) cut back over the winter but never let it get really dry. Low humidity will cause the leaves to crisp at the edges. Give it a mist in the morning to help boost humidity. Brown leaf tips can also be a sign of fluoride in the water. This isn’t harmful to the plant but we’d always recommend watering plants with filtered/distilled water.

Light– Spider Plants like lots of bright, indirect sunlight but avoid direct light as its leaves can burn!

Pot size: 12 cm

Height: approx. 30 cm

This plant may be toxic if ingested.

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