Camellia Sinens Thee


Fancy a cuppa?

The Camellia Sinens Thee (tea plant) originated in China, producing traditional tea.

It is said that the tea tree was stumbled upon by accident. In 2737 B.C. the ruling emperor was boiling water in his garden when a leaf from the overhanging Camellia Sinensis fell into the pot. This new concoction was then researched, uncovering medicinal and palatable properties.

Each plant comes with a guide to making your own brew.

Light Enjoys partial, bright light.

Water – Never let the tea plant fully dry out. They are not drought tolerant. Let the top two inches of soil dry before watering.

Pot size: 10.5 cm

Height: approx. 25 cm

This plant is non-toxic if ingested.

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