Petrifying Plants For Halloween

Wanna see some of the spookiest plants & planters to haunt your home this All Hallows’ Eve?

I think all us plant mums and dads would agree that, when it comes to big green monsters, the holey Monstera Deliciosa is hardly the scariest around. Sure, it can grow tall and wide, and makes a wicked addition to any room, but is it going to petrify trick-or-treaters this Halloween? I’d bet a bag of gummy skeletons it won’t! 

Not to worry though, Seb’s Urban Jungle is here with a few hair-raising Halloween ideas for you. As you might have guessed, they all involve your plant babies – and a bit of spooky fancy-dress too. So, as the eeriest time of the year approaches faster than a Devil’s Ivy would grow in the fiery pits of Hell, let’s talk ways to strike terror into your neighbours’ kids:

Creepy Plant Pots 

The first idea we’ve got for you is creepy plant pots to plonk in your doorway or window. I’m sure you could easily track down something pre-made online, but they’ll likely set you back a small fortune – you don’t want to eat into that candy budget, do you? We thought as much, so grab a few basic terracotta pots, arm yourself with a handful of craft supplies, and you’re good to go. 

Feel free to get as dark as you like with your bone-chilling designs, from gory goblins and beastly bats to ghastly ghosts and bizarre black cats. If your creative wells are dry, here’s a spot of inspo. Why not even recreate one of the characters from your favourite frightful films? Here’s a Jack Skellington design courtesy of our friends over at Disney, instructions and all. 

But promise us one thing: when you’ve finished your petrifying pots, make sure you put your scariest, meanest looking plants in them. A creepy-crawly Spider Plant or a spiky Cactus should do the trick…or treat. 

Doll Planters 

The next idea we’ve got for you is doll planters. Maybe you’ve been a parent to actual babies, and not just plant babies? Or perhaps you simply know how to raid a charity shop properly? Either way, if you can get your hands on some old dolls, nothing makes for better horror than green things growing from little plastic people! We’re shuddering just thinking about it. 

There are so many different (and equally seriously strange) things you can do with this one. Our personal favourite is going for the head. Check out these creepy little brainless weirdos by Alice Mason. But if you want to take it one sick step further, plant guts spilling from what looks like an incredibly realistic (and alive) baby might be a good way to go too.

Oh, this lot will certainly replace the giant, man-eating Venus Flytrap in our nightmares tonight. 

An Eyeball Garden 

The last idea we’ve got for you is an eyeball garden. With help from some paper, glue, and pencils, this’ll keep a beady eye (or ten) on those sugar addicts when they come knocking in the dark of night. This one reminds us of a truly freaky plant called the Doll’s Eye. You sure wouldn’t want to stumble upon this monstrosity on an evening stroll through your local graveyard. Nature can be pretty terrifying, wouldn’t you say? Make sure you cash in on that this Halloween!


We hope you liked these twisted botanical ideas. Feel free to browse our wide selection of plants and see if we’ve got anything that’ll make the perfect addition to your collection of horrors this October. Happy chopping…oops…shopping!

Words by Steven Allison