How to get your plants ready for Winter…

A dreaded time for most plant parents. After a sunny few months of fabulous growth, most plants growth rates slow way down. There’s a few things you’ll need to adjust in your home/office/home office. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your house plants healthy throughout the Winter.


Introduce your plants to little bit more sunlight, but be careful to avoid draughty windows and plants touching the cold glass. Brrr.

If your home gets pretty dark during Autumn/Winter, think about investing in a wee LED grow light. They’re usually available on eBay, Groupon etc.


Reduce watering!! The dark days mean your plants will need a lot less water. A general rule is watering tropical plants roughly once every 2 weeks and desert plants almost only once a month! Always check deep into the soil before watering as all plants and their (your) homes are unique.

Don’t use cold water on your plants. How would you like it? Room temp. for those babies!

Try to avoid placing plants close to radiators as the heat & dry air can shock the plants. Consider occasionally misting your plants to increase the humidity in the room or purchasing a humidifier to really amp up the tropical vibes during the cold, dark, dreary Winter.

If misting, try not to leave too many water droplets on the leaves as this can leave marks.

Check for pests and clean leaves regularly. With windows being shut more often, the dust can really build up on those leaves! Keeping foliage clean helps your plants photosynthesise (soak up that sunshine).

Hold back on the fertiliser and repotting until the Spring if you can. Consider this a period of rest for your plants and you!


All plants go through a period of rest in the Winter, called dormancy. Plants tend to experience a slower growth and some plants even drop all their leaves (try not to panic).

Your dormant plant may look dead, but if the roots are healthy it will grow again in the Spring. Keep it in a shady spot, watering no more than once a month. As Spring arrives and your plant begins to grow, gradually move your plant close to the sunlight (always indirect), whilst increasing watering. This process can take a few weeks but it’s so worth it for those beautiful plants that can go dormant!

Here’s a couple of examples that have a reputation of going fully dormant, dropping all of their leaves;



Don’t be disheartened if you lose a couple of plants. Plant Parenthood is a journey of trial and error. Also – more space for new plants! Silver lining and that.

Most plants don’t require much care during the Winter so if you’re a serial over-waterer, it’s time to practise a little bit of neglect. Hold back on the water, avoid the cold, draughts & radiators and BOOST THAT HUMIDITY, HONEY!!

If you have any questions or need some advice with a sad looking plant, please get in touch. We hope this helps!