Plant of the month – Crispy Wave Fern

Picking our first plant of the month was a struggle because we love all our plants! This month’s winner, the Crispy Wave Fern is a tropical plant. It’s scientific name is Asplenium Antiquum although it’s more commonly known as Bird’s Nest Fern or Crispy Wave Fern. It’s a great plant for kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere that gets a little humid – they love moisture.

Native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and many Pacific islands, this fern is made up of curling, vibrant green fonds with wavy edges. The youngest leaves curl up from the centre of the crispy fonds, growing into beautiful, wavy leaves!


This plant requires a well-drained potting mix and to be watered thoroughly when the top 2/3 inches of soil has dried. Mist daily.

Avoid watering the central rosette/leaves as this could cause root rot. Placing the pot in a bowl of room temperature water for 30 mins, letting the plant drink up the water it needs, is the best way to avoid root rot!


Crispy Wave Fern is a shade-loving plant that will burn in direct sunlight. It can manage bright, filtered light but does best in partial shade.

This plant is non-toxic to dogs, cats or humans but don’t go letting them eat your pretty plants!